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Our test is a safe, accurate, and easy alternative for confirming pregnancy in goats, sheep and cattle.

About Us

Your reproductive speacialists

Our History

In April 2006, Precision Diagnostics LLC began offering the BioPRYN blood-based pregnancy test as an affiliate of Biotracking LLC. That first year we tested 9,082 dairy and beef samples. Since that time we have introduced the sheep and goat BioPRYN test for pregnancy as well as the CAE ELISA. As we gained the confidence of livestock producers, we experienced steady growth each year and, in 2016, we processed 95,190 total samples from 27 different states.

In addition to lab services, our artificial insemination and embryo placement training programs have brought a new level of excellence to the livestock industry. Also, since 2010, we are the exclusive distributors for Global Ag Alliance, a provider of high conception bovine semen. As our byline states, we really are specialists in reproductive management.







Lab Manager
Ken Grube

Ken Grube is the lab manager and a partner at Precision Diagnostics LLC. He and his wife, Debbie, have four children and three grandchildren. Ken grew up working on a dairy farm in Lancaster County and developed a keen interest in the dairy industry. After earning a Master's Degree in Reproductive Physiology from Virginia Tech, he was Quality Control Manager for a major AI company for three years. He then owned and managed a Registered Holstein herd for five years and has worked as a dairy nutritionist for 30 years. His favorite roles in life are husband, father and now grandfather.

Reproductive Specialist
Doug Speicher

Doug Speicher hails from Hershey, PA. He has been working at Precision Diagnostics for the last 9 years. Doug spends his time promoting the BioPRYN blood test, training people to breed cows, and distributing semen for Global Ag Alliance. He has been working in the dairy industry for the last 23 years and always enjoys meeting new customers and helping them with their needs.

Lab Assistant
Nancy Harnish

Nancy Harnish was born and raised on a dairy farm in Lancaster County. She is married to Dave Harnish and they have 2 married daughters and one grandchild. Before joining us at Precision, Dave and Nancy had the privilege of raising their daughters on a dairy farm. Nancy has been a lab tech at Precision Diagnostics for over 4 years.

Accounts Manager
Karen Weaver

Karen Weaver is our account manager handling all billing and invoicing. She and her husband Dennis run a dairy farm right outside Precision’s doors. She has worked with Precision from the very beginning.

Callie Plank

Callie Plank grew up locally in New Holland and completed the Vet Assistant Program through the CTC program in high school. She has a passion for horses and currently owns two.